Management of Patient with Severe COVID-19

Management of Patient with Severe COVID-19


01 Hour 30 Mins

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Course Overview


Medical Learning Hub (MLH) welcomes you to live clinical experience sharing on Topic: "Management of  Patient with Severe COVID-19".

What was covered:

Module 1: Management of patients with severe covid-19 and ventilatory support-Speaker: Dr. Pavan Kumar Reddy N (8.00)

Severe COVID-19 discussion on pathophysiology, presentation, investigation and management

• Case discussion of Severe COVID-19 patient and course in hospital

• Use of steroids, Antivirals (Remdesivir) in severe COVID-19 patients discussed

• Respiratory management in patients with methods and devices for stabilisation described

• Ventilatory management discussed in detail of patients requiring intensive care

• Personal clinical experience sharing discussed

Module 2: Early markers of poor prognosis moderate COVID-19 Patients-Speaker: Dr. S A Rafi

• Markers of poor prognosis discussed

• Newer findings discussed

• Complete Blood Count Biomarkers – Lymphocyte Count (Cells/µl) Discussed

• Platelet Count (Cells/µl), Inflammatory Biomarkers: Crp, Pct And Ck , Procalcitonin, Creatinine Kinase and Serum creatinine discussed

• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Biomarkers – ( Ast , Alt) , D-Dimer, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Cardiac Troponins and Neutrophil To Lymphocyte Ratio discussed in detail

• Interleukin 6 And Radiological Markers explained in brief

• Newer treatment options discussed

Module 3: Question and Answer Session

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Ends Mar 24, 2021