Observership in Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Live Surgeries 14 Dec 2020

Observership in Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic Live Surgeries 14 Dec 2020


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

12 Days

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99999 / 100000 Seats

Course Overview

The laparoscopic hands on simulator course, is designed to provide an in-depth experience in Gynecologic Minimal Access Surgical Techniques.

During training each participant will be closely supervised by experienced faculty instructors and will receive lectures, Hands on simulators and live laparoscopic surgeries experience. The participants will be able to achieve their goal by the end of training.

During each hour of hands on experience with the simulator each participant will on serve, assist and operate with this rotational format.

Participants will learn pelvic anatomy and laparoscopic suturing skills in a meaningful manner.


This course is designed to meet the following competencies:

- Evidence based medical knowledge,

- Patient care

- Procedural skills.


We adhere to standards regarding commercial support of continuing medical education. It is our policy that the faculty and planning committee disclose real or apparent conflicts of interest.

The course will be from Monday to Saturday, Sunday will be off.

Educational methods

Advantages of the procedure
After the completion of this observership training along with hands on simulator workshop, the participants ought to be able to :

Define and increase applied knowledge of pelvic anatomy as it relates to gynecologic minimal access surgery.
Choose suitable surgical techniques and instrumentation for use in gynecologic minimal access surgery.
Cultivate the surgical skills through hands on simulator.
Reinforce their laparoscopic suturing skills and learn new ones.
Learn how to perform evidence based surgery.
Exhibit the skills and techniques required to carry out basic &advanced laparoscopic Gynecologic minimal access surgical procedures as well as the basic steps of Laparoscopic bladder,ureter and bowel injury repair.
Who is this course for?
Practicing Gynecologist




Technical Prerequisites


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