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Welcome to the M.A.P.S. webinar series organized by the Mumbai Anaesthesiologists Society.
This webinar series was an attempt to continue some form of Anaesthesia PG activity in the times of the Corona. Most societies and organizations were focusing on more than enough activities towards the Corona pandemic to determine the best way forward. These protocols were carried out by the foot soldiers -many of them being our brave post graduates in Anaesthesia.
We appreciate their efforts all the more as their normal academic activities would be severely disturbed. We pray to their well -being and know that they will emerge from this challenge as more proficient and well-rounded anaesthetist. This webinar series is a small way of saying thank you to our young and fearless PG for their persistent contribution over the past months. We sincerely hope that our PGs and other students of Anaesthesia will find them useful and practical. With the support of the faculty and the strong participation of the PG students we hope to continue this well after the Pandemic has been overcome.

We wish to emphasize here that all the views expressed are that of the speakers. We urge you to use their thoughts, views and references to create your own path of understanding and learning.
We render sincere thanks to all our Speakers, teachers and Academicians who saw merit in being associated with this endeavour. We wish to assure them that the overall benefit to the PG students will make their efforts worthwhile.
We also thank Shanaya from Arclights Media for helping us conduct the webinars and Dr Mayuri From Tech CareFor All for helping upload them.
I also wish to thank Dr Shri Krishna Joshi -President MAS and all the associated members of MAS for making the MAPS webinar series a reality.
Kindly write in to [email protected] to receive regular updates on the upcoming webinars and whenever possible strive to attend the webinars live as this gives a great opportunity to interact with the faculty.

Best regards,
Dr Vijay Shetty
Secretary -MAS
Head of Department of Anaesthesia
Fortis -Mulund-Mumbai



Module 1: Anesthesia for sitting position neurosurgery by Dr Joseph N Monteiro
Module 2: Mechanical Ventilation (Part 1) by Dr J.V. Divatia
Module 3: Mechanical Ventilation (Part 1) by Dr J.V. Divatia
Module 4: Understanding Vaporizers by Dr Rakesh Garg
Module 5: Oxygen delivery basics and beyond by Dr Rakesh Garg
Module 6: Anaesthesia consideration in mitral valve disease by Dr Deepak Tempe
Module 7: Pathophysiology and management of important perioperative cardiac arrythmias by Dr Deepak Tempe
Module 8: Breathing System & NRVs by Dr Vandana Laheri
Module 9: COVID-19 CPR guidelines and modifications
Module 10: Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass - The Basics by Dr. Sachin Patil
Module 11: Evaluation of a patient with Chronic Liver Disease for Anaesthesia by Dr. Lakshmi Kumar
Module 12: Anaesthesia for a patient with CLD for non cardiac surgery by Dr. Lakshmi Kumar
Module 13: LVAD-Basics to Advanced 
Module 14: Tackling unanticipated catastrophic Obstetric Haemorrhage - The Ten Commandments Approach by Speaker Dr. Sunil T Pandya | Moderator : Dr. Sangeeta Shetty

Coming session Starts Jul 28, 2020
Ends Jul 27, 2021