Punjab fights against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing

Punjab fights against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing


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Indian Medical Association Punjab and Dayanand hospital, Punjab welcomes you to view a recorded clinical experience event on the topic "Punjab fights against COVID-19: Clinical experience sharing".

Introduction of panelist: Dr. Mayuri Keskar, TC4A welcomed and introduced all the panelists and speakers from IMA Punjab and Dayanand Hospital Punjab. Dr Mayuri then briefed the participants with the structure of the webinar, and general instructions. Dr Navjot and Dr Maan from IMA Punjab shared the situation of Punjab with pandemic and how IMA Punjab is helping to deal with the situation. Then Dr Bishav Mohan from DMC shared their experiences in treating COVID cases in DMC and then the panel thanked Viatris (formerly Mylan Pharmaceutics) for supporting the webinar.

What was covered:

Prof Dr Rajesh Mahajan, explained about the diagnosis and management of COVID cases, He started his session by discussion about virology, spectrum of case symptoms, associated risk factors. He then continued with clinical presentation of cases with clinical parameters, investigations advised and the guidelines by the government. Dr Mahajan then shared the detailed explanation about FDA approval for Remdesivir and concluded the session by sharing the different treatment options to be followed for mild, moderate and severe cases.

Dr Akashdeep Singh continued the session by discussing Post COVID lung syndrome. He explained in detail about lung fibrosis and other complications associated with post disease. Dr Singh shared his experience in handling patient psychological issues like stress and anxiety. He then presented cases of treatment and complications.

Panel discussion with Q&A session: After the speaker’s session, panel discussion started, followed by Q&A. More than 100 questions were received which were summarized and discussed by the panel. Panel shared their experiences answering the questions and answers.

Vote of thanks and Poll: At the end of the webinar poll questions were raised for attendees and IMA Punjab president Dr Navjot shared vote of thanks with all panelists and participants to provide the opportunity to co host the webinar with them and then Poll was raised by Dr Mayuri for all the participants and vote of thanks was shared with Viatris (formerly Mylan Pharmaceuticals) to make this series of COVID-19 webinar possible.

We thank our sponsors Viatris to make this program possible and we wish you a great learning experience.


Technical Prerequisites

Please download and install Zoom app on your phone or desktop: https://zoom.us/client/latest/ZoomInstaller.exe

Coming session Starts Nov 22, 2020
Ends Feb 21, 2021