COVID-19 Oxygen Therapy & Critical Care ECHO Series Session 3: Referring Patients to a Higher Level of Care

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Scotts Valley, California


90 Mins

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Course Overview


While the COVID-19 situation is still evolving, we are doing everything we can to help healthcare providers in LMICs be prepared to provide life-saving care to patients in need. With this in mind, we have developed a comprehensive tele-education series to provide remote trainings and a platform for discussion and the sharing of best practices in caring for COVID-19 patients in low-resource settings.

In collaboration with Assist International and Stanford Global Anesthesia, we are honored to invite you to participate in our newest series - "COVID-19 Oxygen Therapy and Critical Care ECHO Series for Healthcare Providers in LMICs". Designed for all learners, including students, trainees, nurses and physicians, this series aims to increase preparedness of all providers caring for patients who require oxygen or critical care. 


In this session, we will work through a case study of a patient that presents with 2 days of cough, shortness of breath and fever. Practice improvement objectives will include:

-Define mild, moderate, severe and critical illness from COVID-19
-Design or follow protocols for escalation of oxygen therapy
-Decide when a patient needs to be evaluated by a senior physician,  ICU team or transferred to a higher level of care facility within the context of available resources
-Recognize how critical care can be provided outside of an ICU

Technical Prerequisites

Please download and install Zoom app on your phone or desktop:

Coming session Starts Oct 26, 2020
Ends Oct 26, 2020
06:30 PM to 08:00 PM