Reinfection in COVID-19 patients: Clinical Experience Sharing & Expert Discussions

Reinfection in COVID-19 patients: Clinical Experience Sharing & Expert Discussions


90 Mins

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Course Overview


IMA-Uttarakhand and IMA Himachal Pradesh welcome doctors to an interactive experience sharing recorded session on “Reinfection in COVID-19 patients; experience sharing and expert discussions“

Highlights of webinar UK and HP 

Module 1: Experience in treating mild to moderate cases with use of Favipiravir. (Dr Puneet Tyagi) 
●Mild case definition and two categories (without and with risk factors) 
 ○Treatment of mild cases without risk factors ( at home) prognosis , investigations and treatment w 
●Moderate case definition  
 ○Treatment of mild cases with risk factors / moderate cases ,Admission in ward  
 ○Investigations and treatment given 
●Severe category / Critical Case need to managed in ICU 
●Discharge criteria (patients with symptoms and patients without symptoms) 
●Treatment of Patients with persistent symptoms and negative rtpcr and covid antigen positive CT scan findings
●When how why and how much discussed
●Advantages of favipiravir  
●Disadvantages of favipiravir
●Studies and experience shared  
●Helpful if given early  

Measures taken to protect Health care workers (Doctors) explained  
Module 2: Experience in treating severe COVID patients & use of Remdesivir (Dr Malay Sarkar) 
●Moderate category explained 
●High risk of severity in co morbid patients  
●Role and indication of antibiotics discussed 
●Remdesivir discussed in detail  
●Use of steroids in COVID -19 discussed 
●Investigational therapy described  
Awake prone  
●Benefits of early self-prone position in awake non-intubated patient discussed  
●Position described  
●Contraindications explained VTE  
●COVID associated coagulopathy discussed  
●To give or not to give discussed 

●Devices used in management  
●Discussion of efficacy of various devices 
Module 3: Reinfection in COVID-19 patients (Dr Minakshi Dhar) 
●Aim of the presentation 
●How long to Isolate COVID-19 patients? 
●What about Reinfection? 
●Whether RTPCR should be done discussed 

Measure followed at AIIMS 
●Role of serologic testing discussed  
●Criteria for Return to Work for Healthcare Personnel explained  
●Persistent viremia OR Reinfection discussed  
●Can a person catch the disease a second time?  

●While experts grapple with these questions 
●Stick to their recommendations:  
●continue masking,  
●practice physical distancing and wash your hands as often as you can 

Module 4:  
Question and Answers of participants were addressed in form on interactive discussion  

We wish you a great learning experience and thank IMA-UA & IMA-HP for hosting this session. We also thank our sponsors Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. to make this program possible.


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