Safe Energy For Safe Surgery: TLH

Safe Energy For Safe Surgery: TLH

Obstetrics & Gynaecology, General Surgery, Microsurgery

2 Hours

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About the course:

We welcome you to view a recorded webcast on “Safe Energy For Safe Surgery: Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH)”. During this live surgery training session, Dr Prashant Bhamare (Advanced Gynae Endoscopy Surgeon) introduced the case on hand, described about energy sources (appropriate use, settings, hand instruments, complications, maintenance of equipment and instruments), followed by live case presentation and Q & A session.

What was discussed:

Module 1: Introduction and Welcome: Mr Puneet Rai from Ethicon welcomed the panelists and introduced Dr Prashant Bhamare (Surgeon & Trainer), and Dr Rekha Thote (Moderator). Puneet described the importance of online surgery education which is a new start in this era. 

Our moderator, Dr Rekha Thote then provided surgery details with the history of the patient.

Module 2: TLH Surgery: Dr Prashant Bhamare, started the surgery with examination of patient, he described the importance of checking vitals before starting any surgery. During surgery Dr Bhamare covered the energy sources and its appropriate use, use of instruments and their surgical aspects. Throughout the surgery event, attendees asked several questions that were moderated and put up Dr Rekha, our moderator, to Dr Bhamare. This moderation made the entire surgery very interactive and educational. Towards the end of surgery, Dr Bhamare explained about the use of trolly and how it has to be arranged during the OT.

Module 3: Q&A: Even though the whole surgery experience was interactive with attendee questions, during the Q&A Dr Rekha continued to propose questions for Dr Bhamare with detailed explanations.

Module 4: Webinar on Safe Electrosurgery and Tissue Management: After the practical surgery session, Dr Bhamare walked all participants through a detailed theory of the use of safe energy during surgery. He explained about the types, and their effect on tissues and precautions to be taken.

Module 5: Vote of Thanks: The session was concluded by a note of thanks by Dr Bhamare, Dr Rekha, Currae Hospital team, Medical Learning Hub (HUB) and Ethicon. Dr Bhamare thanked all the OT staff, doctors, MLH and Ethicon for making this program a success.



Surgeon & Trainer: Dr. Prashant Bhamare
Moderator: Dr. Rekha Thote

Hospital: Currae Hospital, Mumbai

Coming session Starts Sep 12, 2020
Ends Dec 12, 2020