Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach

Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach

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Dr. Dipak Limbachiya & Prof. Dr. Sarita Agarwal welcome you to a recorded live surgical webinar on “Safe TLH with Retroperitoneal approach”.

Part 1: Drive Safely through the Pelvis - Anatomy explained by Prof. Dr Sarita Aggarwal 
●Retroperitoneal Anatomy  
●Avascular Spaces of the Female Pelvis and classification  
●Surgical Anatomy in Gynaecological Oncology  
●Journey through retroperitoneum 
●Female Pelvis- Sacral Promontory  
●Ureter and surrounding structures and its importance in the surgery 
●Pelvic vessels  
●Pelvic nerves  
●Retropubic space and its surgical importance  
●Vesicovaginal/Vesicocervical space and its surgical importance  
●Rectovaginal space and its surgical importance  
●Rectorectal space  
●Approach to Inferior Presacral Space  
●Attention during dissection (vessels, nerves and structures) 
●Lateral space and its importance  
●Obturator space  
●Para vesical space and caution to be undertaken 
●Yabuki space and importance  
●Latzko’s space  
●Okabayashi’s space
Part 2: Surgery: Onsite live surgery performed by Dr Dipak Limbachiya (Questions of the delegates were addressed during the operation) 
●Preparation and Positioning 
●Insertion of a Uterine Manipulator and positioning  
●Abdominal Entry and Trocar Placement 
●Coagulation and cutting of cornual structures 
●Incisions made and structure underlying demonstrated and explained throughout the surgery 
●Dissection of the uterovesical peritoneal fold 
●Dissection of the posterior peritoneum and skeletonization of the uterine vessels 
●Pararectal space and Okabayashi’s space and vessles and nerves described 
●Medial approach demonstrated  
●Mobilize the Bladder/ Bladder dissection 
●Secure the Uterine Vessels  
●Tubo ovarian structures secured  
●Separate the Uterus and Cervix from the Vaginal Apex 
●Coagulation of uterine vessels 
●Removal of the Uterus 
●Vaginal Cuff Closure 
●Port Site Closure 

We look forward to your participation and an interactive learning session. We thank Ethicon for making this session possible.


Coming session Starts Oct 18, 2020
Ends Oct 17, 2021