Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach-2

Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach-2

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Dr. Dipak Limbachiya welcome you to a recorded live surgical webinar on “Safe TLH with Retroperitoneal approach-2”.

Module 2: Safe TLH With Retroperitoneal Approach

●Dissection of the uterovesical peritoneal fold 
●Method to prevent ureteric injury while taking uterosacral ligament discussed and demonstrated 
●Tips and tricks for doing simple TLH 
●Elaborated bladder dissection/ separation demonstrated  
●Dissection of the posterior peritoneum and skeletonization of the uterine vessels 
●Coagulation and cutting of left cornual structures, posterior peritoneal dissection and 
skeletonization of the left uterine pedicle 
●Bladder dissection 
●Coagulation of uterine vessels 
●Dissection of posterior parametrium 
●Specimen retrieval 
●Closure of the vaginal vault 
●Method of suturing discussed

We look forward to your participation and an interactive learning session. We thank Ethicon for making this session possible.


Coming session Starts Oct 18, 2020
Ends Jan 18, 2021