Scenario of COVID-19 in India & UK, present & future

Scenario of COVID-19 in India & UK, present & future


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Course Overview

Healthcare practitioners worldwide are dealing at the front line with an accelerating global threat from the novel Coronavirus strain. IMA-Maharashtra invites doctors and healthcare professionals to attend a live webinar with an international panel of clinicians and responsible healthcare leaders managing COVID-19.

Panelists from India and UK will share their experiences and perspectives on the COVID-19 outbreak, what they are doing to manage the situation on hand and how they plan to contain the pandemic.

While we hope you can take the time to attend in live, a recorded session of this webinar will be made available on this page post session.  



The panel discussion will include some of the following topics:

1. Strategies in controlling the pandemic, Hospital preparedness
2. Triage and managing patients from ED
3. In hospital, OPD patient management, patients waiting for ICU beds
4. ICU & step down management
5. Diagnoses, Therapeutic management, HCQS, anti-retroviral and plasma therapy; current and future developments
6. Deciding discharge and quarantine 
7. What to expect post lock-downs for clinics and hospitals, how to prepare for the future now?

Technical Prerequisites

Please download and install Zoom app on your phone or desktop:

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