Ureteric safety in complex gynecology surgeries

Ureteric safety in complex gynecology surgeries

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Dr Nutan Jain invites you all to live surgical workshop to share her experience and best practices on Ureteric safety in complex gynecology surgeries
Ureteral injury is one of the most serious complications of gynecologic surgery. Less common than injuries to the bladder or rectum, ureteral injuries are far more serious and troublesome and are often associated with significant morbidity, the formation of ureterovaginal fistulas, and the potential loss of kidney function, especially when not recognized until postoperatively are serious challenges faced by gynecologist
Hence it is important to understand and learn about quick recognition of the problem and a working knowledge of its location and treatment to ensure optimal medical care to patients.
Part 1: Live Surgery: Ureteric Safety in complex TLH 
Operating Faculty: Dr Nutan Jain
| Moderator: Dr Malvika Misra & Dr.Vandana Jain
• Live Case demonstration of a complex TLH with emphasis on preventing ureteric injuries
• Discussion on surgical technique and pelvic anatomy 
• Best practice sharing on prevention, diagnosis, and management of ureteral injury
• Safety tips while operating near ureteric structures
• Introduction of techniques to increase ureteric safety
• Safe and effective use of energy devices
• Q&A
Time: 3:15 PM to 4:45 PM

Part 2: Masterclass Topic: Preventing Urological complications 
Master Panelist: 
1. Dr Nutan Jain
2. Dr Malvika Mishra
3. Dr.Dinesh Kansal
4. Dr Akhil Saxena
5. Dr.Vandana jain
Learn from the master panel on nuances of Urological complication during Gynec procedures
• Best practices to prevent urological complications
• Diagnosis and management of ureteric injuries
• Specific Urological challenges in Endometriosis
• How to manage unforeseen case scenarios on the OT table
• Ureteric reimplantation technique
Time: 5 PM to 6 PM

We look forward to your participation and an interactive learning session. We thank Ethicon for making this session possible.


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