Designation / Role: Consultant OBGYN and sonologist, Naval Maternity, endoscopy and Infertility center, Solapur
Specialty: Oncology
  • President ISOPARB (2016-18)
  • President , IMA (Indian Medical Association , Solapur Branch) (2021-22)
  • Founder President of IHRF ( Infertility & High Risk Foundation)
  • Hon. Treasure (FAOPS): Asia Oceania Federation of Perinatal Socidiu
  • Vice President of FOGSI (Federation of all Gynecologieol Societies of India) (2011)
  • Second Vice President, ISPAT (Indian Society of Prenatal Diagnosis & Fetal Therapy (2019-21)
  • Deputy Secretary General InSARG ( Indian Society of Aesthetic & Regenerative Gynecologists)
  • Ex-Chairman, Rural Obstetrics Committee of FOGSI (2004-2008)
  • Managing committee member-IAGE , ISAR , IFUMB, IMLEA
  • Peer reviewer f or Journal of OBGY of India
  • Past Steering committee member-Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP)
  • Past President, Solopur OBGY Society (2001)
  • Prof & HOD. Dept. of OBGY Gandhi Natho H.Medical College
  • Notional Ed itor member for FOGSI Website
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