Dr. Vijay Aruldas

Dr. Vijay Aruldas



Dr Vijay Aruldas grew up in Kolkata, completed MBBS from CMC Vellore and then a doctorate in Management from IIM Ahmedabad. He has been General Secretary of the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) headquartered in Delhi for 12 years, 2000-2012.

He has been involved with organizations at multiple levels: providing technical and managerial guidance to ensure professional implementation of programmes, facilitating strategic thinking, organizational leadership and good governance of healthcare organizations, advocating for policy change, overseeing formal and non-formal educational programmes. He has engaged with the NGO, Government and other sectors extensively, and has served on several Boards and Government committees. Throughout his career, including for his doctoral thesis, Dr. Vijay Aruldas has visited small, medium and large mission hospitals in most of the states in the country. 

While at CMAI, he was closely associated with CHAI, the CBCI Commission for Health, and with various member hospitals of CHAI through CMAI’s Nursing, Laboratory Technology, Radiology Technology and other training programmes and through Public Health projects supported by Global Fund.

In 2018, he returned to his Alma Mater CMC Vellore, where he presently heads the Outpatient Services and Medical Records and continues to consult and teach on strategy and leadership.

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