Roshni Shukla

Roshni Shukla



Personal profile
Dr Roshni Shukla is in Radiology professional with over ten years of teaching, practical & grooming experience in the most esteemed institution of India. A very conscientious, hard working, focused and ambitious doctor with the maximum hours of working put into use. Very good orator with ability to converse in four different languages (English, Hindi Punjabi & Tibetian) with patients in effective and polite manner. An efficacious performer in team work with highly efficient leadership qualities.
A very elaborative, energetic insight into national programmes, research and publications projects. A good sense of humor with extra-curricular activities to keep the working atmosphere and environment cheerful, jovial, energetic and get going to keep the stress at bay. Possessing the required inter-personal skills needed to work in partnership with entire hospital doctors, staff and relatives.
Academic Qualifications
•    Matriculation from St. Joseph Convent School, Hoshiarpur, Punjab
o    March 1996
•    MBBS from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, Punjab
o    July 1999 to December 2003
•    One year rotatory Internship in all the branches including super-specialty fields
o    January 2004 to January 2005
•    Three years of government service as Medical Officer in Punjab
o    January 2006 to July 2009
•    DMRD from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
o    July 2009 to July 2011
•    Senior Residency from Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
o    August 2011 to November 2013
•    Worked as Clinical Associate and Head of the department in Fortis Hospital Kangra for four years
o    November 2013 to April 2017
•    Secondary DNB at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Govt. Medical College, Tanda at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
o    April 2017 to April 2019.

Active participation in National Programmes:
o    Revised national tuberculosis control programme (RNTCP)
o    National leprosy control programme (NLCP)
o    National program for control of blindness
o    National malaria control programme
o    National AIDS control programme
o    National cancer control programme
o    National mental health programme
o    National iodine deficiency disorder control programme
o    Universal immunization programme
o    National child survival and safe motherhood programme and maternal and child health programme
o    Adolescent  reproduction and sexual health programme
o    Prevention of female feticide and improvement of female sex ratio and designing and implementation of women health organization
o    School health for assessing common ailments and general level of health conducting immunization and health education 
o    Health and family welfare training – integrated skill development training

Indian Medical Association (Himachal Pradesh) : IMA- HP