Sr. Lizy Jose (SAL)

Sr. Lizy Jose (SAL)

General Councillor SAL


Sr. Lizy Jose (SAL) belongs to Society of Sisters of St. Ann, Luzern.

Graduated in Nursing from Institute of Nursing Education, J. J Hospital, under Bombay University in 1996. Post graduate in nursing (M. Sc in Medical – Surgical Nursing) from IKON College of Nursing, Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore 2012.
Rendered Services as a staff Nurse in Jubilee Memorial Hospital in Malkapuram Hospital, Visakhapatnam in AP, Ghodegaon & Aurangabad Maharashtra; Nursing Tutor in St. Luke’s School of Nursing and Hospital, Shrirampur, Maharashtra and St. Ann’s School of Nursing, Vijayawada; and as Lecturer in College of nursing, St. Ann’s Hospital, Vijayawada, AP.

From 2002, she is in Society’s Administration as Provincial Councilor, Assistant Provincial of Vijayawada Province and General Councilor of the Society. She continues as General Councilor for a second term and is the general coordinator for Health Care and Nursing Education of the Society till date.

The Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI)
Healthcare Administration