Designation / Role: Medical Practitioner

Dr. Vinay Koparkar
M.B.B.S | L.L.B | D.B.M, D.F.M
•Dr. Koparkar is a renowned medical practitioner in Pune, who has been practicing medicine for more than last 32yrs (specializing in hair and face problems). However, he is more famous for his endeavor as an entrepreneur.
•In1988, he got trained in advanced hair styling and beauty at few of the leading international institutes and established the brand- ‘Papillon’-as India's first Men's beauty Salon to be started by a Doctor and with proper scientific knowledge about beauty. Since then, Papillon has grown to be the leading local brand in the beauty care business and today Papillon offer severity of services related to beauty through its numerous outlets in Pune.
•In 2011 he founded ‘Papillon Hair World‘– a center that offer soon-surgical hair replacement solutions, focusing on haircare for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. This venture is a perfect meld of Dr. Koparkar’s medical and aesthetic skills.
•In 2013 Dr. Koparkar was diagnosed with Non Alchoholic Liver Cirrhosis and in October 2015, he successfully under went a liver transplant surgery. Since then, Dr.Koparkar has dedicated his life to building awareness regarding‘ organ donation’ and has delivered more than 80 lectures on this topic so far.
•In early2018, Dr. Koparkar along with his son started a new entrepreneurial concept again–‘Papillon Mediation & Negotiation LLP’,a firm that works towards resolving disputes through professional mediation to give a win-win out come to both the parties. A part from his other qualifications, he is a certified Mediator from the Harvard Law School, and is now one of the most qualified mediators in India.

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