London, GB

Billions of people around the world in low-resource settings suffer from deep inequities in access to healthcare. Extraordinary technological solutions could address these inequities. Until now, many healthcare technology manufacturers have not been able to reach these global markets because they have been expected to create their own commercial infrastructure: channels, marketing campaigns, customer support, regulatory expertise, and more.

The lack of commercial infrastructure is one of the primary reasons life-saving technologies are not reaching patients around the world. In response, CoVelocity developed a marketing, sales, and distribution platform designed to accelerate global market penetration. CoVelocity works with healthcare technology manufacturers to commercialize their lifesaving solutions to global markets.

Our goal is to ensure great technology gets to the hands of the people who need them most. As operators and entrepreneurs ourselves, we have lived through the highs and the lows of developing, validating, and introducing new medical technology and our commitment is to increase the velocity of market entry by applying best practices and utilizing our global reach. 

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