Holistic Hospital Administration


Many books have been written on Hospital Administration, but they often lack the wealth of experience that can only be described by a senior administrator who has been through it all. The endeavor of these presentations is to give the listeners a feel of the problems & solutions encountered in a real Tertiary care hospital.    There are daily conflicts between every dept of a major hospital, and this is a cause of patient dissatisfaction.  Quality at every step and in every process is a huge challenge, given the material & human resources required to achieve it, and the seemingly invisible benefits of Quality.  A good administrator needs to have excellent “domain knowledge” about his hospital, familiarity with a plethora of technical terms. Excellent people skills, combined with a sound knowledge of Finance (especially Profit & Loss) is a must.  Many of you may already be working in hospitals, but you want to achieve a quantum jump in your career. This course if for you!!  .

We will endeavor to discuss the issues mentioned above, and answer your queries, through the platforms made available in the program. So, I invite you to join me in this journey. .