The NewAge Aesthetics
The NewAge Aesthetics

The NewAge Aesthetics

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


The NewAge Aesthetics provides outstanding education, information and hands-on training to which correlates with the latest advancements in clinical aesthetics by Dr Manisha Jadhav. Dr Jadhav has expertise in treating various skin, Hair and Chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Asthma, Chronic Kidney diseases, Heart diseases and Substance Addiction with Homeopathy, Nutrition, Counselling and Lifestyle modifications. She has trained many Homoeopathic doctors and cosmetologists in various skin, hair and cosmetic conditions with Homoeopathy and modern technologies. She has given her expert opinions on various health shows on TV and also written articles on skin, Hair and Obesity and given quotes in various leading Newspapers.

Her Objectives are:

  • Providing professional and educational development opportunities and training for doctors
  • To maintain optimum professional standards while practicing aesthetic Cosmetology during clinical practice and patient care
  • To provide study materials and conduct examinations in Aesthetics.
  • Advancement in the effective, ethical and safe practice.
  • To provide informative guidance and expertise in relationship to Clinical Cosmetology and other associated health issues.
  • Educating doctors to build and develop their aesthetic practice.




With more than 25 years of experience as a medical professional with a health, body/beauty care and treatment...