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17 Apr, 2023 03:32 AM

Dear colleagues,

Today, 15th April (Sat), we invite you to join us early (11AM IST) for a half day conference on Clinical updates and Innovations in Tuberculosis. This conference promises to bring you up to speed with the latest clinical information, delivered by >20 of the most trusted names in the country. Make sure you register and join early. 

Next week (Saturday), join us for a CME to understand & discuss challenges in managing diabetes and interpreting complex results. If you are interested in oncology, see below for a few hematology CMEs in the month. Have a great learning experience. 

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Visit:  Diabetes Mellitus Treatment and Challenges | QuidelOrtho (22nd April 2023)

CMEs in Oncology

Visit: Recent advances in treatment of leukemia & case presentation  (20th April 2023)

Visit: Recent advances in diagnosis, treatment & management chronic lymphocytic leukemia (26th April 2023)

Upcoming Medical Conference:

Visit:  Clinical Updates & Innovation in Tuberculosis for 2023 (20 April 2023)

CMEs you may have missed during March

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Visit: Akshay Bharat | Diagnosis and management of TB & DR TB | Online

Visit: Akshay Bharat | Diagnosis & management of DS TB and DR TB | Online

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