Newflash September 2021

03 Nov, 2021 03:45 AM

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to bring this September several professional growth opportunities in collaboration with Max Institution of Medical Excellence, if you are looking to practice in the UK, the MRCP-UK prep courses may be of your interest.

As hospitals witness a growth of ICUs there is increased demand for the specific skill sets, in collaboration with Medtronic and ISCCM we are pleased to bring new experience sharing events around Ventilator use.

Several courses and live experience sharing events are available for your growth this September, we encourage you to review the featured courses below and on our website.


Max Institute of Medical Excellence
Shalya Academy
Global Sepsis Experts Meeting

Medical Associations

MLH works closely with medical associations across the country as academic partner for exchange of knowledge among colleagues and peers. 

CSI Rajasthan

CSI Rajasthan: Welcomes you to register yourself for monthly online CME in field of cardiology. kindly click the link to know more or if you have missed the events in past


IMLEA:  Register yourself to the web lecture series of  Legal Issues Related to Medical Practice.


Connect & learn with mentors on MLH

Please register yourself for various hands-on and online trainings which may benefit you professionally:


Gy-Next Endoscopy: 

Dr. Ameya Padmawar: Fellowship course in Gynecological Endoscopy (Sep 2021,Mumbai) : During this course for gynecologists, you will learn about the best Gynecological endoscopic procedures from A to Z.



Excell Endo Care
Dr. Hemant Kanojiya: Basic & Advance Courses in Gynec Endoscopy (August 2021, Mumbai): During this course, fellow gynecologists will receive comprehensive, individualized training program, which includes Hands-On training. You will be introduced to conceptual learning of gynecological endoscopy, focusing on core concepts of operative gynecologic endoscopy




Online Medico Academy
Dr. Santosh Bedarkar: An online self-paced Endoscopic Ear Surgery Masterclass which will help you (MBBS and ENT surgeons) improve your endoscopic ear surgery skills, clinical results and your confidence. To know in detail and book yourself please click the link.




Energize Your Time:
Dr.Aloke Mullick, together with Heartfulness Institute in this self-paced course will help you learn the simple and subtle practice of meditation. These practices awaken your potential for simple and joyful existence. You will learn physical-mental coherence, calmness, and how to connect with your inner self by listening to the heart’s voice. The online session will help you make wise choices in your practice and life.



Train more HCPs by delivering high quality, compliant, online CME experience

If CME (Continuous Medical Education) or CPD (Continued Professional Development) is a key activity for you. We offer you end to end (E2E) services that will ultimately result in enriching the HCP community experience, a better healthcare system, lively and engaged communities around the training offered by your organization.  

We regularly conduct medical training events with individual experts, medical associations, hospitals, governments, NGOs and healthcare industry. 

If you are interested to work with us or support our ongoing activities, write to us:

We look forward to welcoming you to MLH & wish you a great learning experience. 

Team MLH