COVID-19: Expert Interviews with virologist and clinicians Mar 10-Mar 14 2020 on coronavirus : CHAI Academy

COVID-19: Expert Interviews with virologist and clinicians Mar 10-Mar 14 2020 on coronavirus : CHAI Academy

Compiled sessions for the CHAI Academy


110 Mins

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Course Overview

Tech Care for All and its Partners conducted live online interviews with several healthcare subject matter experts on COVID19 during Mar10-Mar14 2020. The individual interviews focused on how a healthcare professional (doctor/ nurse/ healthcare worker) should prepare themselves during this pandemic. This course is a compilation of those interviews and is useful for anyone providing healthcare service as a reference to COVID19.

Module 1 (30min): Recorded session with renowned virologist Dr William A. Haseltine, PhD from Access Health International. The session covers:

  • How should health systems respond in the face of this outbreak?
  • What lessons are we learning today about future outbreaks?
  • What should we all be doing today to prepare for tomorrow’s outbreaks?

Module 2 (45min): Dr. Avinash Bhondwe, Indian Medical Association (IMA)-MS President talks about Coronavirus and Biosafety Measures for Healthcare Professional.

  • When is someone infectious? Which body fluids can spread infection?
  • Can people who recover from COVID-19 be infected again? Myths or misconceptions that drs should be aware of?
  • Who is at risk for COVID-19? How is COVID-19 treated?
  • How should healthcare personnel protect themselves when evaluating a patient who may have COVID-19?
  • Should any diagnostic or therapeutic interventions be withheld due to concerns about transmission of COVID-19?
  • What disinfectant should personnel use to decontaminate work surfaces?
  • What biosafety level is recommended for handling clinical specimens from suspected COVID-19 PUIs?

Module 3 (45min): Dr. Mukesh Gupta, Association of Medical Consultants (AMC) President talks about Coronavirus with emphasis in Pregnancy for Healthcare Professionals.

  • Are pregnant women more susceptible to infection, or at increased risk for severe illness, morbidity, adverse outcomes or mortality with COVID-19, compared with the general public?
  • Are pregnant healthcare personnel at increased risk for adverse outcomes if they care for patients with COVID-19?
  • Can pregnant women with COVID-19 pass the virus to their fetus or newborn (i.e vertical transmission)?
  • Are infants born to mothers with COVID-19 during pregnancy at increased risk for adverse outcomes?
  • Is there a risk that COVID-19 in a pregnant woman or neonate could have long-term effects on infant health and development that may require clinical support beyond infancy?
  • Is maternal illness with COVID-19 during lactation associated with potential risk to a breastfeeding infant?

Module 1 : 30 Mins
Module 2 : 45 Mins
Module 3 : 45 Mins
MODE: Online
LANGUAGE: English 
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