Qualification: BPT, MPT
Designation / Role: Secretary, Indian Association of Physiotherapy, Noida District Branch at Indian Association of Physiotherapy
Address: India
Specialty: Physiotherapist

Work Experience:

Teaching Associate  (30th Dec ‘2019 till date ) 
Undergraduate students teaching 
Research projects of final year BPT students and MPT students 
Mentoring students of BPT 
Published articles in various journals 
Organising webinars and lectures with industry expert

Eden Hospital, Delhi

Consultant Physiotherapist March ’18- 29th December ‘2019)
Mata Gujri Charitable Clinic, Delhi

Physiotherapist (May 2013 till Dec 2013)


  • Anand, Bhavna & Kalra, Ruchika & Sharma, Harshita. (2021). A Review on Physiotherapeutic Interventions of Lymphedema Following Post Breast Cancer Surgery in Women.
  • Anand, Bhavna & Kalra, Ruchika. (2021). Physiotherapeutic Interventions for Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema in Women: A Review Study.
  • Anand, Bhavna & Deshmukh, Rishika & Associate, Teaching & Physiotherapist,. (2021). Effects of Foam Rolling and Static Stretching on Lower Back, Hamstrings and Calf Muscles. 10.21088/potj.0974.5777.13220.3.
  • Anand, Bhavna & Goyal, Vasu & Associate, Teaching & Student, Bpt. (2020). Effectiveness of Neck and Shoulder Stretching Program among Professionals Working from Home During Covid-19. 13. 10.21088/potj.0974.5777.13220.1. 
  • Anand, Bhavna & Sharma, Priya. (2020). Association of Hand Performance with Neck Disability in Text Neck Syndrome among College Students. October-December 2020, Vol. 14, No. 4.
  • Anand, Bhavna & Kalra, Ruchika. (2020). Effect of CDT and IPC in Secondary Upper Extremity Lymphedema in Women Post Breast Cancer Surgery on Anxiety, depression and Quality of life.
  • Anand Bhavna & Thakur Shreya & Sharma Priya(2020) Association between Discomfort and Fatigue around Neck Area  due to Portable Electronic Devices in College Students 10.18376/jesp/2020/v16/i2/157453.

Workshops and Seminars

  • Hands on Workshop on Manual Therapy- Feb 13         
  • Workshop by Dr. Inger Jacobson (Lulea University) on manual therapy of vertebral column: ad modem kalternborne. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries 
  • Lecture on Falls and Motor Learning -Feb’13, By Dr. Irene Vikram (Lulea university) 
  • Lectures on E Health-Feb’13 By Dr. Anita me lander Wikman (Lulea university)  
  • Hands on Workshop on Kinanthropometry and Taping Indian Spinal Injury Centre, Vasant Kunj- Aug’12 
  • Certificate course in Manual Therapy, By Prof Umashankar Mohanty (Manual Therapy Foundation of India) - Oct ‘09 
  • International seminar on MOBILITY FOR DISABILITY - Department of therapies and health sciences, Faridabad Institute of Technology    - Jan’09 
  • Seminar on Movement for HEALTH - Amity Institute of Physiotherapy - Sep’08 
  • National Seminar on World Physiotherapy Day - Amity Institute of Physiotherapy- Sep’08 


  • Shri Baljeet Shastri Award for the best in Human and Traditional Values - Amity Institute of Physiotherapy- 2011 
  • First Runners Up in Academics – Awarded Silver Medal-2011  
  • First runners up in academics – Awarded Golden Medal-2013


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