Designation / Role: Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeon, Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai
Specialty: Digestive Surgery


DR. JAYASHREE S. TODKAR                                  
- The  1st lady Bariatric Surgeon of India, Asia.
- Recipient of multiple national & International Awards.
- MBBS & MS from Pune University, BJ medical college and pursued her super specialization in the field of laparoscopy & bariatric Surgery from University of Strasbourg, France;Cleveland Clinic USA; Gastro Obeso Centre, Brazil & University of Genoa, Italy.
- In over 25 years in surgical practice, she has operated on more than 50000 patients General, Lap. Bariatric and Metabolic Surgeries.
 1st Indian Recipient of multiple international awards from American society of Bariatric Surgery & International federation of surgery for Obesity.
- Apart from high academic achievements she is also very active in the clinical research and has multiple publications in the International Index Journals.
- She has received the Prestigious “ Vivian FOENCSA Award”  for “ innovation in surgical treatment of Type II Diabetes” from the American Diabetic association in 2016.
- Dr Todkar & her Team are the 1st Surgical team to receive award from American Diabetic Association.
-  Entered Limca book of world record in 2005 for “ 46 hernia operations in 10 hrs” & the Record is still unbroken.
- She is very active socially & has been awarded for the social work by dignitaries.
- She is the Director of JT foundations.
- JT foundation has conducted more than 500 public health awareness programs and doctor education seminar through the various places in Maharashtra & India.  
- She is convener of Obesity Task force of Government of Maharashtra.
- With her initiative in the campaign of “ Fight Childhood Obesity”  the rotary club has picked it up  as the signature project.
- Her dream is to create a healthy world free of Diabesity : the Largest killer disease of 21st Century.
- With Rotary club this campaign will reach to more than 7000 schools in Pune.
- Research and Teaching is  her passion.
- Some very complex & difficult operations are made easy & feasible by the technics she has developed. These innovations are credited in her name in the world surgeons library. (SAGES Pearls) for technique in total thoracoscopic thymectomy .
- She has trained more than 1000 surgeons across the globe in the field of laparoscopy & obesity.  
- The 1st ever fellowship course in obesity, nutrition & metabolism in India is started by her.
- A regular participant in the government health camp for the disease of obesity & Diabetes.
- She was the Organising secretary for the 1st International conference on Diabesity in Asia Pacific region under International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders, conducted in Goa 2017. (IFSO-APC2017)

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