Designation / Role: Team Leader in the Unit for Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Care and Innovation at the WHO�s Global Tuberculosis (TB) Programme in Geneva, Switzerland

Dr Nazir Ismail is a Team Leader in the Unit for Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Care and Innovation at the WHO’s Global Tuberculosis (TB) Programme in Geneva, Switzerland. He leads the team responsible for developing global policies, norms and standards in TB Diagnosis and Laboratory Strengthening. He is the former Head of the Centre for Tuberculosis at the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) in South Africa. A medical doctor by training that specialized in microbiological pathology. His experience covers TB diagnostics, epidemiology, public health responses and TB transmission.


  • Membership of national and international bodies
  • Councilor – College of Medicine (Microbiology Representative) – 2017-2019


  • MMed (Micro), Microbiology, University of Limpopo, 2006 
  • PDIC, Infection Control, Uni Stellenbosch, 2006
  • DTM&H, Tropical Medicine, WITS 2004


  • World Health Organization, Global TB Programme, Team Lead: Diagnostics 2020-Current
  • National Institute for Communicable Diseases/UP, Head: Centre for Tuberculosis 2012-2020


Former supervision or co-supervision

  • Kathy Anne Strydom, MMed (Microbiology),NA Ismail, F Ismail, Duration - 4 yrs
  • Mashafong Matabane, MMed (Microbiology), NA Ismail, F Ismail, Duration - 4 yrs

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2. Omar SV, Ismail F, Ndjeka N, Kaniga K, Ismail NA. Bedaquiline-Resistant Tuberculosis Associated 
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