Qualification: MBBS, MD
Designation / Role: Associate Professor , Department of respiratory Medicine at NTEP & State TB Cell Rajasthan
Address: India

Associate Professor 
Department of respiratory Medicine 
Nodal Officer of NTEP
Nodal officer of Pneumoconiosis Board
Member of Curriculam Committee
Resource Faculty of Medical education Unit
Faculty of training in NTEP & Pneumoconiosis Board
JLN Medical College, 
Ajmer, India

Area of interest : 
Tuberculosis, Occupational Lung Diseases, Interstitial Lung Diseases, COPD, Asthma

Publications : 

  • Ramakant Dixit, Rajveer Kuldeep, Mukesh Goyal, Deepesh Agarwal, Jitendra Jalutharia. Sociodemographic profile, work practices, and disease awareness among stone mine workers having silicosis from Central Rajasthan. Lung India 2023;
  • Munazzah Orooj, Abu Shohail Nizame, Bhavna Sharma, Rajveer Kuldeep. A Consortium Between Substance Abuse And Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Literature Review. International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research (IJMSCR), Volume 5, Issue 5 , Page No: 722-726 September-October 2022 Available online at:
  • Dr Neeraj Gupta, Dr Mukesh Goyal, Dr Ramakant Dixit, Dr Mahima Agarwal, Dr Manoj Meena, Dr Rajveer Kuldeep. Allergen Sensitization Profile In Patients of Naso-Bronchial Allergy From Rural And Urban Area Of Residence In Central Rajasthan. J. Evid. Based Med. healthc. 2018; 5(7), 588-592. DOI: 10.18410/jebmh/2018/121
  • Dr. Pradeep Pachar, Dr. Vikas Kumar Mishra, Dr. Rajveer Kuldeep, Dr. Neeraj Gour, Dr. Prerna Gupt, Dr. Rakesh  C. Gupta, Dr. Paharam Adhikari. Outcome Analysis of  Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Cases Treated by Individualized Regimens. Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 2016; 4(3C):836-841
  • Dr Rajveer Kuldeep, Dr Vikas Kumar Mishra, Dr Neeraj Gour, Dr Rakesh C. Gupta, Dr Prerana Gupt. A Study to Assess Socio Demographic Correlates of Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) TB Cases in A Tertiary Care Hospital of India. JMSCR Vol||3||Issue||12||Page 8554-8561||December 2015
  • Dr Vikas Kumar Mishra, Dr Rajveer Kuldeep, Dr Neeraj Gour, Dr Rakesh C. Gupta, Dr Dhiraj Srivastava, Dr Prerana Gupt. A Study to Assess Association of Previous Treatment with Development of Multi Drug Resistance among TB Patients of Tertiary Care Hospital of India. JMSCR Vol||3||Issue||12||Page 8562-8571||December 2015
  • Dr. PrernaGupt, Dr. KusumLata Gaur,  Dr. Rajveer Kuldeep,  Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Dr.  AfifaZafer  and  Dr  R  K  Manohar.  Utilization  of  ANC  Services  in  field  practice area of RHTC Naila, Jaipur. IJIRD vol. 3 Issue 3 March 2014 P 320-323.
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