Designation / Role: Secura Hospital Private Limited Washim, India_x000b_Director & ENT Consultant Bedarkar hospital Washim, India
Specialty: ENT
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Dr. Santoshkumar C Bedarkar is  Director & ENT Consultant Secura Hospital Private Limited Washim, India, Bedarkar hospital Washim, India.
Following are the various endoscopic surgeries I regularly perform:
1) Endoscopic cartilage tympanoplasty
2) Endoscopic tympanoplasty.
3) Endoscopic atticotomy.
4) Endoscopic mrm (limited disease).
5) Endoscopic ossicular reconstruction.
6) Endoscopic foreign body removal.
7) Endoscopic grommet insertion.
I have also uploaded a video of surgery available for viewing on YouTube. Link I intend to overcome the limitations of the endoscope by indulging in an active exchange of ideas and discussions and design better instruments and try to make the use of a microscope a history.

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