Designation / Role: Head and Consultant Pulmonologist (Kailash Hospital, Centre for Respiratory Care, Vadodara, Gujarat)
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Experience :
 Registrar, TB sanatorium, Gotri, Vadodara, 2 years
 Registrar, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Dept of Chest Medicine, 18 month
 Full-time Consultant, Muni Seva Ashram Hospital, Goraj, 17 months
 Consultant Pulmonologist, Sangam Chest Clinic, Vadodara 3 years
Current Position :
 Head and Consultant Pulmonologist : (Since 2004)
 Kailash Hospital, Centre for Respiratory Care, Vadodara, Gujarat
 Honorary Asso. Professor :
 Pramukhswami Medical College and HM Patel Institute of Post Graduate
 Studies, Karamsad, Gujarat
 Visiting Pulmonologist :
 Rhythm Heart Institute, Vadodara, Tricolor Hospital, Vadodara, Gujarat
 Oral Presentation : Pulmonary Strongyloidiasis mimicking Pulmonary Kochs at NAPCON 2010 at Jodhpur, India
 Paper Presentation: Low-cost photo and video capture system for FOB at Broncocon 2013, Vadodara, India
 Poster Presentation: Inexpensive Photo and Video Capture technique for Fiberoptic Bronchoscope at European Respiratory   Society International Congress 2013, Barcelona, Spain
 Poster Presentation : Case Report : Pulmonary Langerhans' Cell Histiocytosis at NAPCON 2016 at Mumbai, India
 Paper Presentation : Photo and Video capture during fiberoptic bronchoscopy using inexpensive method (awarded 2nd prize) at   NAPCON 2016 at Mumbai, India
 Delivered talk "Honey, I shrunk the cost" at ACPGCON (Assn. of Chest Phy of Gujarat Conference) 2017, Silvassa.
 Guest Speaker at OCCUCON 2018, Rajkot (69th National Conference of IAOH)
 Poster Presentation: Novel method of chemical pleurodesis for pneumothorax with continuous air leak and persistent collapsed   lung at European Respiratory Society International Congress 2019, Madrid, Spain
Oral Presentation:
 (awarded 1st prize) at NAPCON 2019 at Kochi, India
 Association of Chest Physicians of Vadodara - Founder and President
 Indian Medical Association
 Indian Chest Society
 Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine
 European Respiratory Society
 Lions Club of Baroda-Racecourse circle: Past President, Secretary, and DC member.

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