Indian Medical Association - UP (IMA UP)

Indian Medical Association U.P. State Priyadarshini Colony, Mohibullapur, Lucknow
Indian Medical Association - UP (IMA UP)


IMA Uttar Pradesh branch, also called IMA UP, has several branches in Uttar Pradesh state. The main objective of IMA UP is to promote and advance the medical and allied science in all their branches and to promote the improvement of public health and medical education in state of Uttar Pradesh.

IMA UP wishes to maintain the honor and dignity and to upkeep the interests of the Medical profession and to promote co-operation amongst the members thereof, and to work to bring uniformity in Basic Medical Education, Medical Research, Medical Services, Registration and to achieve sense of brotherhood among all members of the profession who are registered to practice Modern Scientific Medicine (Allopathy).

The state branch also wants to work for updating Members with the latest advancement in the field of Medical and allied subjects.

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