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Tech Care for All
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Healthcare Administration

3 Days



Course Overview

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the ethics underlying professional health practice and meet the  requirement for ethics training. The course was produced  with the goal of using presentations, supplemental reading, and learning measures for each section to effectively introduce the topic of ethics in professional health practice.


The course is comprised of six topical sections not including the introduction and summary. Participants are expected to read supplemental materials (if applicable for the section),  and then answer the section questions that follow. Questions will come from the illustrations and reading. You are required to complete each section in the order presented, including completing the questions provided at the end of each section. You can work on sections as your time permits, exiting and coming back where you left off.

You have 30 days to complete all requirements of the course (at which time your registration will be inactivated). Once you have successfully completed all the sections, complete and submit the course evaluation which will automatically notify the course coordinator that you have completed the course. The course coordinator will review your materials to verify that you have met all requirements, archive your documentation, and issue you a certificate of completion.

Course material will be posted online through a URL, login, ´╗┐and password that will be provided following registration.

Technical Prerequisites

This course is intended for all healthcare professionals who, directly or indirectly, impact patient care.

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