Clinical Cosmetology Course

Clinical Cosmetology Course

The NewAge Aesthetics

The NewAge Aesthetics
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


2 Days



Course Overview

This course walks you through the fundamentals of aesthetics & latest cosmetology making sure your core foundation of skin care knowledge is solid.  

The Program Outline:

1. Skin Anatomy & Physiology

2. Skin examination & analysis

3. Cosmetic skin conditions, diagnosis, indications & treatments

4. Registration form, consent, treatment record, medical photography, certifications required to in OPD.

5. Theory: Basic and advanced Chemical peels 

6. Demo on Glycolic peel, Salicyclic peel, TCA peel, Yellow peel etc

7. Medifacials

8. Theory of Mesotherapy

9. Microneedling

10. Dermarollers 

11. Warts, Skin tag, small tattoo removal

12. Acne Scar treatments

13. Non surgical ear pinna repair

14. Understanding moisturizers and sunscreens

15. Maintenance treatments and Homecare

Educational methods
Lectures, On-site

Advantages of the procedure
With this training you will be able to properly determine a customer's skin care needs, make a treatment protocol/ recommendation, and visibly improve the condition of their skin.

Who is this course for?
BAMS, BHMS, BUMS, General Physicians


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